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      Tattoo and occult inspired clothing encouraging you to express yourself and your uniqueness. Sleep Terror Clothing Co. is a dark-minded alternative streetwear brand that creates bold clothing and accessories for men & women featuring tattoo artwork, witchy, and goth aesthetics to boost your dark and witchy energy. 

      The goal of Sleep Terror is to bring our passion for tattoos, horror movies, and the occult to life in the form of wearable art. Browse our dark and evil clothing for men and women. We specialize in bold graphic tees, but also produce hoodies, long sleeve shirts, hats, and one of a kind art prints. 

      Our designs are a blend of bold American Traditional tattoo art and the aesthetics of modern-day "Occultism" encompassing the phenomenons of witchcraft and black magic. Our message is to encourage people to express their individuality and embrace their weirdness. 

      Follow Your Own Path.