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      As a small business my goal is to bring you amazing products, great customer service and an over the moon experience. With COVID-19 effecting almost every part of our lives Sleep Terror Co. has put in place additional safety measures to ensure your orders are handled in a sanitary and safe manner. 

      The inventory is stored in sealed containers in a warehouse, every surface is wiped down and sanitized daily in the morning and at night. All garments are sealed in clear poly bags. When orders are being packed me and my small team handle all packages, stickers and thank you notes with gloves.

      As for some of New Arrival items that released this year I have employed a 3rd party distribution center to handle the storage and fulfillment of orders. They are taking COVID-19 extremely seriously as well. They are following the same procedures as I am if not doing more to guarantee safety. All your items are packed in clear poly bags and all garments are handled with new gloves. 

      We want you to be able to express yourself freely and do so safely. Your safety and happiness is important to me and my brand. 

      Follow Your Own Path. 

      - Jon (Sleep Terror Clothing)